Hi, I’m Fernando. I earn affiliate commissions since 2000.

My specialty is helping people who have a job but want more than one paycheck, to get an additional income with a special niche website monetized with affiliate programs that pay the highest commissions.

Teleforum started in 1988 as a BBS (Bulletin Board System). It was part of a network called Fidonet, which allowed Sysops (system operators) to share message areas and files with users all over the world.

The domain teleforum.com was registered in 1993 to connect the BBS to the internet, using the Pcboard bbs software until 1997, and the Wins (Wildcat Interactive Net Server) until 1999.

I have been earning a side income online since 2000 when I discovered Commission Junction, Linkshare and Reporting.net affiliate programs.
In January I made some web pages and in February I earned my first affiliate commission.(back then, it was very easy to rank pages in SERPS fast)

In these 21 years, through ups and downs, along with my day job that pays the bills every month, I always had extra income from affiliate programs that made all the difference in my family’s life because it allowed me to take my kids to Disneyland Paris, and vacation in other countries besides France, and having made a difference when I had to change jobs.

I want you to know that I am no online affiliate marketing guru.

I missed a lot of opportunities to earn a lot more affiliate commissions because I treated this source of income almost like a hobby, and I wasn’t strategic in my approach to affiliate marketing.

What I do here at Teleforum.com is to teach you for free what I’ve learned about earning extra income from affiliate programs using a specific strategy to earn $500 or more a month with 1 site, working just 1 hour a day.

Now the question popped into your head.

Why do you teach all this for free instead of creating an online course and selling it for +$1000 like the affiliate marketing gurus do?

Well, actually as you’re going to have to invest some money in web hosting and a few more services/software, I don’t want to burden you with an extra expense that you would be reluctant to pay.

I hope that once you realize the value of what you will learn, you will create your site and use my affiliate links to buy the services and software that I recommend and use on my own affiliate sites.

If you don’t want to use affiliate links, no problem, you have full access to the resources.

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