Affiliate Marketer Manifesto

We have a job, but we want to have extra income with an affiliate business that allows us to have a more relaxed life.
We like to work alone, but we use modern tools like AI to automate tasks and develop our affiliate sites faster
We know that it is not possible to have extra income without work and without investing some money, so our job pays the initial expenses to start our affiliate business

We are willing to develop our affiliate site for a few months without earning any money, because we know that if we do our job we will get a source of extra income that will continue for a long time.

We invest in a specific niche that pays well for lead or sale, and that is of interest to a large part of the population, regardless of the country in which we live.

We create sites with original content that are better from the majority os websites made with copied content or thin content and that’s why we manage to appear in the search results of search engines.

Here at Teleforum we don’t waste your time choosing niches that pay 1% or 2% or even 10% of a sale of a few dollars.
We’ll tell you which niche there is money to be made, and you just have to choose the sub-niche you want for your website, making sure that the commissions they pay are worth the work you’ll have to build and maintain the Web site.

I’ve been using affiliate marketing since 2000 to earn extra money every month, so what you’ll learn here is what works on my affiliate sites today.

More and more people are starting affiliate sites all over the world, which makes this business model very competitive. The ease of starting an affiliate website is also the biggest problem because it increases competition so much.
But by making a website in a well-paying niche, with less than 50 pages of content, you can earn extra income with just 50 visits a day, which makes your job easier, because you don’t need to compete with all the other affiliates.