Installing WordPress Hostgator

In this module, you are going to learn how to install WordPress from the Hostgator Customer Portal.

After the WordPress installation, You will learn how to access the WordPress Dashboard.

On the Hosgator Portal you can see your invoices, edit your profile, change settings, add Hosting packages, edit your billing information, list your domains, and access Customer Support.

When you log in on the Hostgator Billing Portal, click on the Hosting tab:

hostgator billing portal

And here, you are going to install WordPress:

install wordpress hostgator

In the WordPress URL write your domain name. You can use the domain name without the .com as your blog title, or choose another title.

hostgator blog url title

You´ll get a "Success Notification" and Hostgator will send you an email with the WordPress instalation details.

After the WordPress installation ends, you will see your domain name with WordPress installed. Click on your domain to go to your WordPress Dashboard.

hostgator wordpress cloud login

The WordPress Dashboard.

Hostgator WordPress dashboard

That's it.