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How to choose your site domain name.

A domain name is what people and search engines use to find your website online
Your website domain name should be:

  • Short
  • Catchy and memorable,
  • Easy to pronounce and to spell,
  • Not too similar to competing domain or brand names
  • Not a violation of someone else’s trademark.

It's okay to add a prefix or suffix to your domain name, such as (good) or (not so good if you move to another state in the future) to indicate your location.
You can also choose a different TLD extension to localize your domain with a country specific extension like .ca (Canada), .uk (United Kingdom) or .de Germany).
If you are creating a site for a nonprofit you might use .org extension.
You are going to register your domain name, when you sign-up for your website hosting.

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Buy your website hosting

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It´s fast. Check the report of this site.

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Website speed test

Hostgator wordpress hosting uptime it´s nearly 100%.
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It's the hosting provider I use for this site.
Click the link below, it will open on a new window, so you can follow the steps to setup your Hostgator wordpress hosting

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Choose wordpress hosting
hostgator wordpress menu

Choose the  Starter Plan (if you need more than 1 site, choose the Standard or Business plan)
Hostgator managed wordpress cloud hosting plan

Now enter the domain name you want in the box. Use the selected extension (.com):
hostgator register domain

The  domain name you wrote, will be added as your primary domain name.(in the example, it´s )
primary domain name

There will be a list of several available domains that you don´t need. Scroll to end of the domains list and uncheck the Domain Privacy Protection.
You don´t need this, and you save $14,95.
domain name privacy

Next choose a Billing cycle and a Security Pin.
The default billing cycle  (36 months)  will save you more money, but choose the billing cycle that works for you. The Security Pin is a number you choose.
wordpress hosting plan

Next fill the billing info. You can pay with your credit card, or with Paypal.
Hostgator paypal

In the additional services, the backup and the Sitelock protection are free.
You need to check the box to add the SSL Certificate. It´s and additional $19,95 but it´s very important for your visitors trust.
It´s also important, because Google has publicly stated that SSL is a ranking factor in search results.
hostgator add wordpress ssl

Review your order, check the terms of service, and click the Checkout Now Button to place your order. ( the total amount may be diferent, depending of the billing cycle you selected)
hostgator review order

Then you will see this:
hostgator cloud hosting account

After a few minutes, you will receive an email with your login details and a link to the Hostgator Billing Portal where you can install WordPress.

Go to the Module - Installing WordPress and logging in